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Observatory and Planetarium Complex – Nagarkot, Nepal (P)

The Observatory was a milestone project for me. After numerous attempts to sneak in Observatories in my academic design projects and constantly getting denied, I knew this was the penultimate project I wanted to work on. I have always defined Nepal as the place that is the closest to the stars from the Earth, as we have the Himalayas in the North and high Tibetan dry plain lands in the Far North West. Couple of locations with altitude perfect for stargazing. The only thing we are missing, are the Observatories.

The Observatory complex design is inspired from the Very Large Telescope(VLT) Array in the Atacama Desert, Chile and uses the same modules with minimal changes. Although, due to the narrow roads of Nepal large 8 meters in diameter, sensitive telescope mirrors cannot be transported to the site, so I had to opt for separate smaller hexagonal mirrors that combine to form the whole mirror of the Telescope.

The site was an interesting contour, with many challenges, from retaining walls to windy connecting the buildings. This project was an absolute delight.


-Keflor Lamichhane

Sense of Growth, A Library – Bhopal, India (T)

More than just a place with book stack.
A place to learn, to think, to find depth.
A structure to bring community.
A space for social interaction.

A place to understand and introspect.
A space for exploration and imagination.
A space for conversation and imagination.
A space to know about past and future to make you notice present.
An education space always requires a social interactive space to grow thoughts.

-Shrey Saxena

The PG College – Bhopal, India (UC)

The PG college features a lecture hall for chemistry, physics, and geography classes, along with computer and multipurpose labs. It also includes a staff room, separate girls’ and boys’ toilets, and a common room. Additionally, The central courtyard features a ramp for accessibility, ensuring inclusivity for all students.


-Siddhi Choubey

Hill Cottage Interior – Himachal, India (D)

A resort cottage in the Himalayas. We wanted to create a warm comfy wooden interiors, as wood absorbs bright lights crating darker ambiance, but remains warm compared to tiles and concrete. The darkness of the wood is an ideal contrasting material for a dark and vivid interior, compared to flash bright Himalayas that sparkle even in the moonlit nights.

-Keflor Lamichhane

Kashmiri Gate Sky Bridge – Kashmiri Gate, Delhi (P)

They say crossing the road in India is like an Extreme Sport. If any action movie superstar wants to show their bravery, they can just visit India and cross the roads in New Delhi.
I for one, will always take the overhead bridge. This one even has seating spaces and greenery atop the bridge, just so the extra time taken to cross the road becomes much more enjoyable.
The bridge is proposed in front of the busiest bus station of Delhi, the Kashmiri gate, so the schoolchildren and pedestrians will be safe from speeding vehicles.

-Keflor Lamichhane

Residential – Compiled

These residential structures are from all over South Asian subcontinent. From the valleys of Kathmandu to the plains of India, made individually by the Nerds.